Friday, November 27, 2009


Oh how I love this picture! This is a "group shot" if you want to call it that!! :) Well, I wanted to take pictures of all of us for our information folder for the exhibition that we are about to have in December. It was not going to be anything special but a picture of each and everyone of us. So I grabbed each and everyone and took a quick, yes literally, quick shot. (Could have thought more about positioning exactly at the same spot, is the light exactly the same?, etc. ) But all I did was using the same spot, and the same reading. Well, I put them together like this and I have done nothing to them, strictly originals. They do not need anything done to them in my opinion!!! Ha ha !! If anybody else notices that in each picture, the light in the background complements something else in the picture. It is so cool how that works. WOW  I am so thrilled about this simple collage, isn't that just great?????

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