Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year and this is MY guy!

So to kick off this new year, 2010, I am introducing my, I shall call it "Buddha". My own version of Buddha. I am going to look at this guy when I am looking for answers. I know it may sound and seem a little weird because HE doesn't seem like he has a clue, right? But you know, I went into this thrift store one day, and this guy came out with me. I could not resist him, so cute he was, is. I got him for my daughters advent calendar. She opened the present in the morning and she looked at him and literally, crumbled her nose at him. I could not do more than smile actually, because she is usually SO thankful and excited for anything she gets. Anyway I thought not much more about it, and later on that day, Bianca came to me with HIM in her hands and said, I like him, mom. He is very cute. I was happy about that, because to me HE was sooo special. Anyways, this little guy will come with me where ever I go, good thing he is so little, and I will ask HIM for advice and guidance when things seem rough as I throw myself into this year with hopes of becoming a successful photographer. I am so happy I went into that thrift store that day and that HE was there, whoever felt they did not need him anymore, sure did me a favor. He will remain with me and Bianca. Here is the little guy, holding all the answers for me. I know I am putting lots of pressure on HIM.


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