Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is one reason I LOVE FLORIDA!

This is how close we get to dolphins and manatees too. Is this not amazingly wonderful? They are free and we get to see them this close! I LOVE IT! I am so happy! People must think I am crazy when I see these beautiful animals, the way I am so excited and make all sorts of noise. I am thousand times more excited than my soon to be four year old daughter. I think  my excitement swallows hers or something! I need to stop being so excited! It is not going to happen, just ask my brother he knows. Anyways, I can almost pet them, they come so close, and they make that lovely sound when they blow out air as if they are saying hello! Dolphin is  my favorite animal, well after dogs, and horses and... oh well I just love them all! (Except for snakes!)




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