Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Swedish safari

On our way home today from visiting my brother in Umea, we sort of ended up on a little safari. A Swedish safari will include animals like reindeer, as seen below, moose, fox,deer, and perhaps if you are lucky a wolf. I always have talked about how I want to go to Kenya and be part of a safari, with, for me, exotic animals. But today I was actually reminded that maybe I wont do so good on a safari over there in Africa. (Oh Africa, it sounds soooo beautiful.) Well the reason is this, as soon as I see a moose, which we did today, many too, I freak...I could you know, slow down, I am safe inside my car, it is not like a moose will come and eat me up, like let us say a lion really could and would probably. But it is as if my brain thinks this moose really is going to go after me, so instead of slowing down, enjoying the sight that is usually rare to see, I instead put my foot on the gas, push it down as far as it goes and speeds on by. My heart beating a thousand beats. Eh, so me on a safari in Africa? No, not a good idea, I would probably take charge of the car, press the gas pedal in the bottom and take us out of there before we even see an animal! Today I did see plenty of moose, they tend to come closer to the roads when there is a lot of snow. I sped on by quickly. The reindeer's on the other hand, are much smaller and cuter and I think also a lot nicer, so I managed to snap a few shot s of them. However I did not stop because...you just never know.




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