Saturday, December 19, 2009

More dog on the blog!

I used to dream about owning one of these dogs, they are just soooo cool. Wow, soo amazingly huge. This one in particular is ONLY 80 centimeters tall, but then she is a girl. So beautiful. So, for me, when the day came around to get a doggie for my own, I went and got a ....chihuahua. What...the total opposite! Well, at the time, being the kind that travel several times a year, I thought, a chihuahua is the PERFECT dog, she can fly with me in my lap. So I never got my Great Dane. But you never know, I still might...But Maya is the total winner for me since she must be the coolest chihuahua walking, running, sniffing this world. If you think you have the coolest chihuahua then lets meet up and we can share them!!

 Check out her shape!


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